We Do Elective Care

MBI provides a unique, AI-backed solution that helps health systems to demonstrably reduce avoidable harm,
variation , and prioritise patients to help support elective care recovery.

Automation. Implementation.

MBI is the leading organisation in the UK for Elective Care automation and performance improvement.
We provide digital health technology, managed operations, and advisory services. We help health organisations and systems solve pressing challenges with digital solutions that deliver financial and clinical results.
Together, we accelerate transformation throughout the Elective Care pathway.
Since 2012, we have worked with over 50 NHS clients on implementing improvements to clinical service delivery, data quality and performance.
Our experience and credentials are unrivalled.
In 2020, MBI launched LUNA.

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With more patients than ever before to manage, healthcare systems increasingly struggle to manage patients and costs. Conventional healthcare EPR systems are not designed to deal with the complexities of the elective pathway, and often lead to errors and costly fixes being required.

LUNA is the digital nerve centre for the management of all elective care patients in a health system.

It has been built in conjunction with clients over the last 10 years and directly tackles their most pressing issues. It’s three core modules provide assurance of all elective data: ensuring efficiency, accuracy and safety of all electively-managed patients across the health system, regardless of provider.

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